In this fast pacing life, we always settle for something that is convenient. Our lifestyles revolve around the fact that fall short of the choices we have to source our products from. Consequently, our needs have now shifted from tradition and purity to the convenience and accessibility.

And this was the thought that gave birth to the Yash Chicken.

We are a juvenile startup with the far-fetched dream of offering the people an experience of buying chicken in the most convenient way and reacquaint them with its real flavors. Our aim is to shift your awful experience of buying the chicken from the roadside butcher that came with the perpetual stench, buzzing flies all over and an unpleasing site of the meat kept in the unhygienic place, to the conventional one.

The meat at the local butcher’s shop comes with no validation and guarantee of its hygiene. The meat could be highly processed and from the animals that are raised under unhygienic, inhuman conditions of ordinary feedlots and slaughterhouses that are overburdened.

Yash Chicken is founded with the vision and ambition of providing fresh, frozen and quality meat matching the standards of WHO (World Health Organization). We wish to bring back the traditional taste of meat and offer our customers with the high-standard chicken in the comfort zone of their home.

Our values are committed to delivering the farm meat that is frozen in the best way, healthy and hygienically processed chicken. We have established scores of quality control checks throughout the process like livestock breeding, selection, cleaning and delivery.

Meat on every level, from farm to fork, is monitored to offer you in the best state and with great quality. Our quality control measures involve an assortment of meat through stringent grading and rigorous standardization systems, the meat is handled by automated systems and trained staff, cleaning and washing of meat are done by RO water. All this is performed for better quality and better service.

Yash Chicken is Halal Certified.

Yash Chicken is ISO Certified.



Our mission is to offer healthy, traditionally grown and extremely hygienic chicken to all the meat lovers and to provide our clients with the quality meat with the best possible prices and a hassle-free avenue.



Our vision is to create our strong online and physical presence in the market. Transforming the way people in India buy and consume the meat, by offering them a perfect, convenient and hygienic avenue.

Our unique features



Isn’t it better to have an avenue to get the meat you need at the convenience you want? Yashraj Chicken offers beyond this.


Assured quality

With the convenience of home delivery, the meat at Yash Chicken comes from the healthy and active birds. Therefore offering you assured quality at better prices.

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